Hi guys, this is my completely professional look at our trip to England. Fully armed with the unhealthiest food on the planet (it did not get any better during the week) we got on the bus and stayed there for about 18 hours. And let me tell you, certain parts of your body tend to hurt after sitting for that long.

We arrived in Bournemouth around 11 o‘ clock, and our host families drove us to their houses. The Brits really seem to like to have no space in their houses and cars. We got settled in, and had to confirm the myths about British food. It really is bad. The next days were full of city trips and lessons, although about 90 % of the sights we visited are owned by the Queen in some way.

I got a tip for you if you ever visit England: If you see a decent Fish & Chips takeaway, just go there. We tried to get some Fish & Chips for 3 days straight, but Google Maps always led us to Kebap places or restaurants that looked like the apocalypse knocked on their door. And were did we end up ? I got a clue for you: The golden letter of fast food. But free time really was fun, and the city trips were alright. You got to get to McDonalds somehow, right ? I just gave the answer away didn‘t i. Like it was not completety obvious.

Anyway, the trip was great, and i did not vomit after eating some quality french fries back home, or "chips" if you prefer. Seems to be really important to the Brits.

But to be honest, i prefer a Schnitzel.

Roman Poller